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November 1, 2010

Auto Emergency KitBefore you jump in your car and hit the highways make sure your car is properly maintained and bring along a basic car safety kit.  Little thought will be given to the car except for making sure it has fuel.  What if there is an accident and you are stuck on the highway for hours or an isolated roadway?  In winter you could get stuck in snow and stranded for a days.  Always check weather and road conditions before you travel.  The Weather Channel has up to date forcasts.  You can program the road condition numbers for the states you will be traveling into your cell phone.  Before you travel bring along a auto emergency kit.  Just a little preparation can make a world of difference.  Most of the items I will need are in my auto emergency kit and I also add in additional items as follows.

 Water – always carry at least a gallon of bottled water in your vehicle and cycle your water regularly. 

Blankets – a warm blanket or a solar blanket can come in handy.  You may need more than one. 

Food - Pick food that will not be affected by temperature extremes like emergency food bars, crackers, granola bars, and so on. 

Wetwipes – for quick clean up.

Toilet Paper  its worth a million dollars when you need it and don’t have it.

Don’t forget to thow in some fun activities for the kids, if you have them, and have a safe and wonderful trip. 

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