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November 3, 2010

auto emergency kitsRemember, auto accidents kill more people than gun violence. In Europe, car accidents account for four times the deaths caused by homicides. And if you do a little research, you will find that most of these people die because they did not have a proper emergency kits, with first aid supplies, when they suffered injuries from the accident. Lack of proper auto emergency kits and first aid kits in cars have killed many who could have survived had they installed any of the former in their vehicles. Accidents do not come with warnings, and can happen at places where finding even paramedical help can be considerably tough. In such cases, administering oneself with the basic first aid treatment from the auto emergency kit can save you from actual death or block the injuries from teething in. So what all should your auto emergency kit carry? What you need in an auto emergency kit depends completely upon where you are driving as well as where you are driving to. The environment, weather as well as the amount of traffic on the designated road all count towards deciding what to take and what to leave behind.  Here are some ideas.          


  • Take the basic tools along – flashlights, necessary tools to change a tire, a jack, lug nut wrench, etc.
  • If it is winter, make sure you carry the necessary emergency supplies along with you. These include ice scrapers and heating sticks or flintstones to keep you warm
  • Carry emergency lights or flares to notify drivers of your location or position.
  • Wrenches, booster cables and a spare battery or bottled tire inflators can help bail you out from stranded situations.
  • Keep a pocket knife (sharp enough to cut through seat belts and thin pieces of wood) and duct tape in the auto emergency kit.
  • First aid supplies are a must as in case of an accident, these will help you keep your senses till the paramedics or other rescuers arrive.
  • Small packets of emergency food supplies (biscuits, sugar-coated lozenges and wafers) and packets of drinking water should also be carried.
  • Paper towels and rags, oil and matches or a lighter should also be kept as a secondary means of lighting a fire (to attract attention and drive wild animals away!).
  • Screwdrivers, tools, and jumper cables are also handy items to pack in an auto emergency kit.

 If an auto accident happens, a well-constituted auto emergency kit that includes first aid supplies may well save your life and will certainly help in other emergencies as well!    

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