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hand-crank-flashlight-radio.jpgWhen there is a blackout the first thing one needs is a good hand crank emergency radio/flashlight combination.  With a hand crank system you will not have to worry about batteries.   When we lost power we were left in the dark, but the worst part was we didn’t know why.  The not knowing part is the worst part.  If we would have been able to tune into our local radio station or an emergency station then our family would not have felt so stressed.  The emergency radio flashlight is the first item I would buy and then build my emergency supplies from here.

January 23, 2012

In the time of crises we often lose control over our thought process and become nervous. Such traumatic emergency situations or conditions need to be handled with proper care and intelligence. Your safety should always be the top priority in any case because unless you are safe you cannot provide help to others. Safety is always the top priority and emergency communications is the basic element to this safety. It requires a lot of courage on the part of the victim to wake up and take charge after the devastating damage that comes with a natural or man-made disaster.

It has also been witnessed that after a massive earthquake, a devastating flood or a harrowing tsunami, that the existing communications system may not be available. The cause may be either due to physical damage or system overload. Consequently, the entire communication suddenly stalls with the damage of telephone wires, damage of cellular phone towers and antennas losing power. Even the government system fails in meeting the large scale damage control and the demands of the civilians affected. This is the time for any voluntary or non voluntary organization to respond quickly in the event of an emergency. There are many organizations that have developed emergency communication plans to carry out the communications and operations offering rapid response during a crisis. The communication devices that can be used during a crisis:

Amateur Radio: In time of a natural disaster an amateur radio is often used as an important medium of emergency communication. An amateur radio is especially helpful when wire phone, cell phones and other communication mediums fail to respond. Unlike other communication devices, the amateur radio is not completely dependent on land facilities. Amateur radio operators are experienced in using the device. It can easily be powered with an automobile battery.

AM /FM Solar Dynamo Radio with Flashlight: An AM/FM Solar Dynamo Radio with flashlights is also used as an emergency communication device. The radio with its flashlights converts the solar energy for rechargeable lanterns, blinking lights and an AM/FM Radio for indoor and outdoor activities. These radio types are especially great for power failures.

AM/FM Radio (TRANSISTOR) With Speaker: These radio transistors can best be used to give access to emergency news and warnings. The compact radio keeps one updated on warnings and emergencies even during power failures. These radio transistors are generally available with head sets and carry straps.

Brass Whistle with Lanyard: This brass whistle includes a lanyard and is a great attention catching device. The device is especially compact and affordable. There’s a special method of using the device – to indicate a call for help three sharp bursts are used and to answer a call, only two bursts are used.

Some other important communication devices that can be used during a crisis include, AM/FM Radio Siren Flashlights, Bull Horn, Walkie Talkies, Weather Band w/Dynamo Charging System, Lifeline Emergency Kit w/Phone, Solar Dynamo Radios along with Flashlights Models, Megaphone, some with Sirens, Pocket Compass, Solar AM/FM Shortwave Radio, and shack flashlights.

Emergency communications are important during any crisis or emergency. Since being prepared and informed is always vital, people need to be updated at all times. A successful communication plan and proper emergency supplies is the best possible means to stop overwhelming damage from large-scale disasters.

Bull horn

A disaster situation can be a true test of leadership. People can panic and forget their common sense. They need someone to guide them on the next practical steps to take.

But in a panic situation, the leader should be heard above the crowd.  A bull horn is a practical gadget that should be included on the list of items in a community-disaster-management plan. This will help the designated official to be heard when he gives out his instructions.

August 13, 2011

Every year, many people lose their lives unnecessarily because of a smoke alarm or lack thereof.  They either have a smoke alarm that doesn’t work because of one of three reasons:  a)  the batteries don’t work  b) there are no batteries in the smoke detector or c) there is no smoke alarm in the house.

You need to have more than just a smoke alarm where you live.  You need to have a working smoke alarm.  Having a smoke alarm in your place of residence doesn’t do you or your family any just if it falls within one of the first two reasons above.

Having a working smoke detector can save you and your family from further danger if you have one that works.  To ensure that it works, you should test the batteries periodically (every few months).

When you get the smoke alarm, if you are not familiar with how to install it, there are instructions that come with it.  Or you can have someone more experienced to install it for you.  The important thing is to have a smoke alarm that is working properly.

In addition to having a smoke alarm, nowadays, it’s good for people to have a carbon monoxide alarm or a combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.  Since carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless, you won’t know something is wrong unless you have one of these alarms.

Some people may not realize how dangerous it is to ingest carbon monoxide.  The bad thing about this is that most of the time, people don’t realize it until it’s too late.

A detector that can spot a flow of carbon monoxide can help to assist those that may be in the midst of it to get out quickly.  Carbon monoxide has proven to be deadly in a lot of instances.  This alarm can help people to realize what’s going on and alert everyone else that is around you.

In fact, both the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are good to have in your home.  You want to divert a disaster either way.  There are too many people that don’t think that this is important, but it is.

Some people don’t realize how much until it happens to or affects them with their family or someone else that they know.  So it’s important that you and your family are educated about smoke alarms as well as carbon monoxide alarms.  The time is now to get all of the emergency preparedness information you can so that you and your family will be able to save lives.

March 1, 2011

If you watch the news even as little as once a week, you understand the importance of communications in an emergency. Whether it is flood, fire, earthquake, hurricane or whatever emergency can and may happen, it is wise and responsible to have a plan in place. In many emergencies, traditional land and cell phones may not be functioning. Your electricity may go out. How will you plan around these emergency inevitabilities? There are tools and supplies, such as battery operated radios and flashlights that can help you navigate the emergency situation. What are your plans for communications in an emergency situation? It is comforting to know that most people won’t be affected by a hurricane in Florida or an earthquake in California, or a tornado in Kansas. However, it is also impossible to predict disaster. Therefore, it is best to be prepared. Build your emergency communications kit before something happens that might necessitate the need for it. In the event of a complete failure of land and cell phone technology, you will need a way to communicate with your family, friends and neighbors. In this situation you would be best served by a bull horn, walkie-talkies and survival whistles. Being able to convey your position through the use of sound is invaluable in an emergency.

It is smart to have a plan in place with your family in the case of an emergency. Tools and supplies like the aforementioned bull horn, walkie-talkie and survival whistles are just the start of your plan for communications in an emergency situation. Investing in an am/fm solar powered or transistor radio is essential. Look for models that include speakers so that you can stay abreast of news and information about the emergency situation. A radio can be a lifesaver. Knowing which roads are closed or blocked and where emergency personnel are located can help you and your family get to safety as quickly as possible.Some battery and solar powered radios are equipped with a siren, which is a good thing to have in your survival toolkit. Again, making noise can save your life. It can alert rescue personnel to your location. The best preparation is one that is thought out before it is needed. For more information and to order supplies, check out the section of our website labeled “Communications“. Being prepared for an emergency is the best plan.

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