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Emergency Stretcher

March 16, 2016 @ 2:33 pm posted by Sam
Having a medical emergency kit and/or a first aid kit is a great way to be prepared during an
emergency.  It is often the case however that these kits do not come with a emergency
stretcher.  One reason for this is that it is possible to do long term damage to a person by
putting them on a stretcher incorrectly, or dealing with them incorrectly once they are on.
You do need to try to contact a medical professional for their consultation if possible.
Emergency Stretcher
Nevertheless, let’s consider the thousands of accidents that happen each year when people
are off-road, doing sport, outdoor activities, and involved in job site injuries,  etc…  when a roll up stretcher can really
make a difference.   That’s why we think sports and outdoor teams, schools, offices, and job sites should have
access to an emergency roll up stretcher.
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