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Emergency Water

December 20, 2015 @ 7:08 pm posted by

One usefull thing that I learned, that I can contribute, is instead of storing bottled water, I purchased some collapsible folding water containers at a camping store.  I think they are 3 gallons.  We have filtered water in our house, so we do not buy bottled water, we use our own water bottles.  I hope I never have to fill the collapsible water container, but I could in an emergency and we would be good to go or stay.

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Emergency water heater filter

December 17, 2015 @ 10:24 am posted by

If you need water in an emergency, you probable have 40-50 gallons of water in your homes hot water heater.  Basically, all you need to do is filter this water a little bit and you can use that water, if your water supply is cut off.  Enclosed is a simple little emergency water filter that you can just screw onto your water heater.


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Emergency Food

October 8, 2015 @ 4:22 pm posted by

Emergency food barsEmergency food bars and sealed camping meals are really great to keep on hand for emergency evacuations.  I personally keep a couple of days supply of both on hand and supplement my plan with my kitchen supplies.  

Basically, I keep a duffle bag in my kitchen and a list of the extra staples, that I keep on hand.  My list include canned soups, vegatables, and  fruits.  Also, cereals, crackers, pasta, and rice.  Along with lots of peanut butter.

In addition, we have a freezer with lots of frozen food meals and some ice that we could all put in our cooler if need be.

I think this is a more sensible plan than going out and buying 25 cans of beans or MRE meals and sticking them in a box somewhere.

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Don’t forget fresh water in your emergency plan.

July 29, 2015 @ 12:58 pm posted by Sam
Don’t Forget Fresh Water

It’s more than simply the intensity of natural disasters that makes them so perilous – they often strike without warning. Even when people hear news of an impending hurricane or other example of nature’s fury, there’s seldom time to adequately prepare before evacuating the area. By planning for an emergency situation well in advance, you can help ensure your family’s ultimate safety.

Although people have been known to live for long stretches of time without food, they perish quickly without water. Water is the building block of life, and it becomes more important than you could ever imagine during times of emergency. Water storage barrels therefore represent one of the most fundamental parts of a disaster survival kit. The number of storage barrels necessary will depend on your discretion – do you want to be prepared for a week, a month or more? In any case, you’ll need plenty of fresh water to survive a disastrous ordeal.  If you have availability to lots of water maybe all you will need will be a water filtering system or a simple water bottle filter and/or just buy some boxed water.

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Emergency water bagI would recommend at a minimum you have one gallon of water for each person included in your emergency kit.  I saw a FEMA web site that recommended two.  I think one is more than enough for clean up and drinking.  Its the most important thing you can do.  You can use one gallon containers or small pouches or bottles.

After the water then you need three days of emergency food for each person in your party.  One great option is to use food bars or military MRE’s (Meals ready to eat).


After you have the food and water covered, I would just buy a good emergency kit and supplement the kit with the following items, if they are not in your emergency kit.  You may need a mess kit or disposable bowels and silverware; a good flashlight; hand sanitizers; garbage bags; emergency blankets; a hygiene kit; supplies for baby or kids; and some extra cash.

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#1.  Packing for an emergency and/or emergency evacuation is just like packing and prepared for a camping trip.  The hard part is getting the food and water supplies ready, unless you are using freeze dried foods or food bars and pre-packaged water.  I would add in a few kitchen canned items along with a can opener, knife, fork, and spoon combination and a emergency can opener too.


#2.  Thereafter, you should have all of your camping gear and supplies in clean and dry bags, buckets, backpacks, etc… ready to go on a moment notice, just like you should do with your emergency preparedness gear and emergency kits.

#3.  Finally, with camping trips you have your travel plans and destination just like you need to do with your emergency evacuation plans.  Only with a emergency evacuation consider out of neighborhood, out of town, and possible out of state.

Basically, thinking ahead is the key to a succesful camping trip and/or emergency preparedness.

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Emergency Water Bags

May 22, 2015 @ 1:09 pm posted by

emergency-water-bag.jpgI would suggest that you keep a few unused collapsible water bags with your emergency supplies.  Collapsible water bags can remain folded up, saving space, and easily filled with water in an emergency or emergency evacuation situation.

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Emergency Water – Freeze your soda bottles

May 18, 2015 @ 3:45 pm posted by

For emergency water I take soda bottles and fill them with water and put them in the freezer.  If you lose power they will keep your freezer cold for days without electricity and you’ll have ice cold water too.   I also use them in my coolers during the summer months.  A combination of frozen and non-frozen water supplies is uour best bet.

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