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Search and RescueWhen search and rescue is needed it is often the first responders who make the biggest impact. They are the hottest on the trail, so to speak, and having the right search and rescue supplies and tools can make all the difference in their endeavors. Community Emergency Response Team (or CERT) members are often the first people out in the field to begin the search and rescue. These CERT members know the terrain for which they are trained very well and should embark on their search and rescue operation properly supplied.

Reflective vests are a helpful part of the search and rescue supplies and tools. They are easily seen from a distance due to color and the reflective quality of the tape, trim and fabric. Other CERT members can easily locate each other. This vest is so highly visible that it is possible that the person being searched for will see the bright color and realize help is on its way. Other tools and supplies essential to a search and rescue operation include solar radios, flashlights and bullhorns. In fact, a bullhorn or megaphone that includes a siren is a great addition to any search and rescue operation as it enables the user to get a loud sound out and notify other rescuers when help is needed or the object of the search is found.

Search and rescue can make a big difference in whether it is a successful operation or and tools  Consider the conditions you are going into and how long the person you are searching for may have been missing and stranded. Rain ponchos for the CERT members and the people or person you are searching for are helpful. Solar blankets and sleeping bags in the event of a temperature drop or overnight stay are a good idea. In the unfortunate event that you find the person you are searching for and they have died, a body bag will aid you in transporting them back to civilization.

You may find that your search and rescue mission goes from day to night. Flashlights are essential to your search and rescue supplies and tools. You can also purchase a high powered rechargeable spotlight which is an amazing source of light for your rescue operation. Don’t forget to take a first aid kit or trauma kit on your search and rescue mission.

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