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December 20, 2008

Just about everyone needs an auto emergency kit and/or a first aid kit.  Thanks for the suggestion from one of your ads.  My Christmas shopping is now done. 

I would suggest that you keep your emergency lists, plans, backpacks, emergency supplies, and other gear all together and in plastic bags or have the plastic bags readily available.  The idea is to get everything, and I mean everything, basically water proof.  

Pet first aid kit

Author: Rachel
December 7, 2008
Pet first aid kit

If you plan to get a pet, there are some things you have to consider before totally deciding you are ready to be a pet owner. Any pet needs tender loving care. This means you are available to their needs almost 24/7. It is no joke to care for a pet. There is responsibility involved.

Pets depend on you for their board and lodging. Like humans, you have to feed them, bathe them, and play with them. You also have to make regular visits to the vet as well as make sure they are healthy.  A pet owner must also have a pet first aid kit at all times in case of emergency. 

December 6, 2008

It goes without saying that it is important to have emergency evacuation supplies and plans for both your home and your office. One never knows when an emergency may strike and it is best to have a clearly planned evacuation scenario in place. After all, what if the emergency struck in the middle of the night? Would you be at your sharpest, thinking clearly, being woken from a deep slumber to chaos? No. That is why you should think through disaster scenarios during a time of normalcy. What evacuation routes will you take? What precautions need to be in place? What supplies and tools should you have on hand and incorporate into your emergency evacuation plans?

When you sit down with your family to work on your emergency evacuation supplies and plans you should set a number of parameters. Designate a meeting place for everyone to gather once they’ve evacuated the premises. Identify all exits and possible evacuation point available in the structure. Develop different plans for different scenarios. Should a fire break out, certain exits may not be available for escape usage. Part of your emergency plans should involve making sure you have good quality smoke alarms and that their batteries are changed often enough to ensure they are in optimal working condition.  Another helpful alarm system to factor into your emergency evacuation supplies and plans is a carbon monoxide alarm. This silent and scentless gas can be very harmful, and even cause death. An alarm system in your home or office would alert you to the presence of an unhealthy level of carbon monoxide. Other essential emergency evacuation supplies include fire extinguishers, fire escape ladders and fire blankets. Think of it this way, if a fire is literally knocking at your bedroom door, wouldn’t having a fire escape ladder to put outside your window give you a lot of peace of mind? Every home and office should contain multiple fire extinguishers to aid in putting out fires as they start and preventing them from turning into large scale emergencies. In summary, it is prudent to prepare your emergency evacuation supplies and plans in advance. You should have a plan in place for both your home and your office. Make sure all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are functioning. Equip your residence and office with fire extinguishers. Plan escape routes. Also, update your supplies and review your plans every six months.

December 4, 2008

If you watch the news even as little as once a week, you understand the importance of communications in an emergency. Whether it is flood, fire, earthquake, hurricane or whatever emergency can and may happen, it is wise and responsible to have a plan in place. In many emergencies, traditional land and cell phones may not be functioning. Your electricity may go out. How will you plan around these emergency inevitabilities? There are tools and supplies, such as battery operated radios and flashlights that can help you navigate the emergency situation.    What are your plans for communications in an emergency situation? It is comforting to know that most people won’t be affected by a hurricane in Florida or an earthquake in California, or a tornado in Kansas. However, it is also impossible to predict disaster. Therefore, it is best to be prepared.  Build your emergency communications kit before something happens that might necessitate the need for it. In the event of a complete failure of land and cell phone technology, you will need a way to communicate with your family, friends and neighbors. In this situation you would be best served by a bull horn, walkie-talkies and survival whistles. Being able to convey your position through the use of sound is invaluable in an emergency.

It is smart to have a plan in place with your family in the case of an emergency. Tools and supplies like the aforementioned bull horn, walkie-talkie and survival whistles are just the start of your plan for communications in an emergency situation.  Investing in an am/fm solar powered or transistor radio is essential. Look for models that include speakers so that you can stay abreast of news and information about the emergency situation. A radio can be a lifesaver. Knowing which roads are closed or blocked and where emergency personnel are located can help you and your family get to safety as quickly as possible.Some battery and solar powered radios are equipped with a siren, which is a good thing to have in your survival toolkit. Again, making noise can save your life. It can alert rescue personnel to your location. The best preparation is one that is thought out before it is needed. For more information and to order supplies, check out the section of our website labeled “Communications“. Being prepared for an emergency is the best plan.

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