Rotate your emergency kits and gear for colder weather.

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emergency-food-bars.jpgIt is the time of year to transition rotate your emergency kits and gear for colder weather. This is important since there are different survival requirements for cold weather. It is also a great opportunity to out your supplies and make sure that you keep your food fresh and ready to eat.

You should switch out your clothes from summer clothes to winter clothes. Be sure to include several pairs of heavy socks, a heavy sweatshirt, warm pants and a coat. It is easier to stay warm if you dress in several layers of clothing, so you may want to plan to do that. winter clothes take up more room than summer ones, so you may need to adjust accordingly.

You may want to blankets to your emergency kits. This includes your car kit as well. You can buy blankets, which are stored in plastic zipper bags to keep them safe from the wear and tear.

Take a quick stock of your cooking and heating resources. Many winter emergencies involve a loss of power, so it is important to have a plan to keep your family warm. Eating warm food is also more appealing the winter so you will want to have cooking resources available as well.

You should teach yourself and your family how to survive out in winter weather. One fun way to do this is take a winter survival course as a family. This can be a fun family activity, and you will learn important skills to protect yourself.

Be prepared to deal with the first aid emergencies that can come with winter weather. Frostbite, chapped lips, and hypothermia are all conditions that can occur in cold weather.

Knowing  how to deal with these and others issues is vitally important and knowing how to get help if available as well.

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