Earthquake Preparedness and Kits

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Earthquake preparedness and kits can save your life when you least expect it. Since there is no way of predicting when an earthquake will strike, having earthquake emergency kits handy can spell the difference between life and death. Remember that in times of calamities and disasters, paramedics, cops and even firefighters cannot always arrive when you needed them so you have to be responsible for the safety and survival of yourself and your family until help arrives.

  The staples of every earthquake emergency kit are first aid supplies, medicines, and several gallons of drinking water and enough food for your whole family that will last for at least three days. You should also include gadgets and tools such as battery operated lights and lamps, transistor radio, and mobile phone or other types of communication device that will help you survive even when there is no electricity and gas. Some people even recommend buying furniture-fastening straps, safety adhesive fasteners, and other implements that can keep your furniture, drawers, cupboards and other fixtures from falling off. Cutting tools and fire extinguishers must also be within easy reach so that you can cut off water and gas pipes and extinguish fire when it happens after the earthquake.

 In order to increase survival rate, each member of your family should know where to get your earthquake preparedness and kits and what to do when earthquake strikes and since nobody can be sure what time an earthquake will hit, it is also advisable to designate a meeting place for your family in case it is no longer safe to stay in your home.  Even if you have dozens of earthquake emergency kits scattered in your house, you need to know how protect yourself from falling objects and other things that can harm you during and a earthquake.  Disastrous seismic activities are quite rare, but your earthquake preparedness supplies and kits can also be used during other emergency situations.  Just make sure that you immediately replenish your supplies and update your gear.   

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