Fire Evacuation

September 25, 2012 @ 4:48 am posted by

People that live in wooded areas should be prepared for a evacuation due to forest fires.  Most people don’t expect to experience this or anything like this.  In a forest fire most houses burn down from the roof, due to flying sparks hitting the asphalt shingled roof.  I have to ask, how many people are prepared for an emergency evacuation and have their emergency kits packed and ready to go and also know where all their important documents are?  I would start be getting all of your importand document into a document fire bag or fire box.

Document Fire Bag

Then each member of your family should have there own basic 3 day personalized emergency kit , fire document system, and clothing bag.  You will feel so much better, especially if you never need to evacuate your home due to a fire and/or any other emergency.

emergency kit

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