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May 1, 2012

emergency kitsIf you were forced to rough it in an emergency situation or evacuate from your home how portable are your emergency supplies?   If the emergency shelters are full, you will quickly discover that you will need to provide a shelter for your family.  You can pack a tent or pack several tarps and a rope to rig up a temporary shelter.  Your shelter should be able to withstand the wind and rain.   Also, make sure that you have portable cooking equipment and a good lighter or matches.

You should store your emergency gear and supplies in buckets, sealed bags and/or backpacks.  For many families this would mean hiking backpacks are best.  If you are evacuating by car you will want to be sure your emergency gear and your families emergency kits fit nicely in your car and don’t forget to consider the special needs of your family members.   Pre-planning is the key to your emergency plan and gear.

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