Planning for your kids/babies emergency needs.

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If you have a baby or very young children in your family you will need to make sure you include your childs special needs items in your emergency kits.  Food for children may be difficult to find in stores or shelters, so you will want to make sure that you have plenty of these supplies available to you.  If you need bottles and nipples the ones with the liner are especially nice to use.  If your baby has just started on baby food you will want to include a variety of foods and snacks too. 

Also, you will need to include a good supply of diapers and some garbage bags.  You should also consider using a Wag Bag to help decompose these waste products.  Don’t forget to include any medications that your baby might need.  These include infant Tylenol, etc… that have not expired.  If you have properly prepared for your baby it will make the emergency that much easier to deal with.  It should be fairly simple to gather these supplies and a few toys as well and put them in a seperate bag.  If you kids are older consider getting them their own child emergency kit  or adult emergency kit that they can customize.

children emergency kit

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