Emergency backpack kitMany people choose to use backpacks for each family member to carry. In addition to each person’s personal items, other family items, and things for baby or small child are dispersed amongst each person’s load. Other options might include suitcases, plastic storage boxes, or my favorite 5 gallon plastic buckets with a lid.   Backpacks are easy to grab and go in a hurry and can be hung in a closet near the front door or closet.  Five gallon bucket are fairly easy to move and if they have a lid are water tight.  Some people like to store their emergency kits in their car, which has an advantage if you cannot get to your home or have to evacuate in a house fire, but the emergency supplies are often subject to tempurature extremes, which can damage your supplies. There are many different things that can be stored in a emergency kit and your kit can range anywhere from backpack sized to much, much larger.  How extensive do you want your kit to be? Would you like to include items for camping out, like a tent, bucket toilet, and sleeping bags, or do you want few items that you can carry on your back in case of an emergency?   You should come up with a list of what you ultimately want in your emergency kits. Then you can buy a standard emergency kit as most kits are about the same and add the items you need for your personal situation.  Thereafter, update your checklist and supplies every six months.  You will soon have a emergency kit for your unique personal needs that will also be great for traveling.
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