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Disasters strike suddenly and without prior warning, leaving you entirely at a loss! Since you are never prepared for such crises you could be anywhere – home, work, school or in a car. We are so absorbed in our day to day activities that we often make the mistake of avoiding important safety measures which are required to safeguard us from freak accidents or other sources of harm. That is why keeping your emergency kits within close proximity is always advisable. Lack of proper emergency supplies during such grave has been the cause for death of many who could have survived if proper disaster kits had been available around.

You can buy emergency and disaster kits from various sources but selecting a proper one is a matter of discretion. A good emergency survival kit is one that fits your unigue needs. There emergency kits are available for one person to more than hundred people. You can buy these kits either by visiting a good real world outlet or through online retailers. No matter whether you want to buy a personal survival kit, office kit, classroom kit or a C.E.R.T kit, you can look to the Internet for a variety of sources to buy them from.

There are different types of emergency and disaster kits that you can use, with some useful ones listed below:

Fanny Pack Survival Kit: A fanny pack survival kit can be used for at least a three day trip. It is a little larger in size than a pocket survival kit and can carry vital emergency supplies. Generally it comprises of bottled water, packaged food, rescue signal devices, compass, basic forms of shelter, flint stones and other crucial survival equipments.

Water Survival Kit: At certain emergency situations it becomes mandatory to survive exclusively over water. At times it even happens that water or rain becomes a major threat to survival. During such situations water survival kits are the best to opt for. Water survival emergency kits are generally carried by pilots, fishermen, people living on houseboats, cruise tourists and even for people living in flood prone regions. Water survival kits generally contains rescue items like water canteen, food and water supplies, compass, blankets, strobe lights, glares, sunscreen, bandannas or handkerchiefs, fishing kit, floats, waterproof fire starter equipment, and similar items.

Pocket Survival Emergency and Disaster Kits: Pocket survival kits are generally small and can be carried in one’s pocket itself (as the name suggests). Pocket kits are generally used by people who are on frequent outings, or by those who go for camping or pursue adventure sports. Trekkers, campers, cyclists, hunters are among the ones to use this survival kit. All the basic survival tools like compass, rescue whistles, knife, fishing cords, flashlights, duct tape etc are present among the components in the pack.

Backpack Survival Kit/Bucket Emergency Kits: Both of these kits are easy to carry. They generally contains almost all the survival supplies like first aid, proper shelter equipment, emergency food, waterm communication product, and more. It could be a best kit in case of an general emergency or in surviving post an earthquake, flood or even a forest fire.

Usually the emergency and disaster kits differ based on the purpose of their use. There could be difference in the quality of the materials; however the basic tools and equipments in the pack always remain about the same.

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