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Author: John
January 20, 2011
Be Prepared – Get an Emergency and Disaster Kit
When a disaster happens, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Those that
are prepared in advance with the correct supplies and action plan will
inevitably be in a better position than those that do not. You should develop
a unique action plan for each place that you and members of your family visit;
this includes work, school, the gym and the homes of other members of your
In the case of a disaster contacting other members of your family could be
difficult. That is why you need to have a plan which will dictate where your
family will meet in case of emergencies. As well as a place in your home,
there should also be a place in your neighborhood in case there is any damage
to your home or the circumstances mean that it is not possible to meet there.
In an emergency it can be important to turn off your water, electricity and
gas. As such, you should keep all tools such as spanners near there so that
you can turn it off if need be. As well as making plans for members of your
family, you also need to consider your pets too. When emergencies happen your
immediate family members may not be able to help in giving information to
doctors such as your blood type and allergies. As such, you should inform
other people about this and elect them to know everything that is vital. Such
a person should not live on the same street as you for example, as then they
may be subject to the same emergency as you.  Having an emergency action plan
and suitable supplies should be accompanied by an appropriate action plan
that your family knows with enough precision to execute in a fast and
efficient way. Making a plan once and forgetting about it is not enough, the
plan should be remembered and recapped at least annually so that your family
is prepared for the worst case scenario and knows exactly what to do. In the
unfortunate circumstances where the worst case scenario happens, at least you
can be sure that you done everything you could have.
 You also need to buy emergency kits in case of disasters. Different types of
disasters need different types of supplies so you should consider what could
occur and buy supplies accordingly. Buying emergency supplies is great; but
not if you cannot find them when you need them the most. That is why you
should keep all your emergency supplies in an accessible place, and also take
your emergency supply kit for vacations and work trips where you will be away
for any length of time. As well as having emergency plans for occasions like
this, you should also be checking with your employers, your child’s school
and other organizations to check if they are doing enough in case of an
accident. If they do not keep emergency supplies and refuse to do so, you
should consider taking your own when you go to these places.  You’ll be glad you
took the time to prepare in advance.

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