Emergency Kit Checklist

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BELOW ARE SOME EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS CONSIDERATIONS. Get an emergency kit, develop your unique emergency plan, and update all every 6 months.

Water – prepacked water pouches, water jugs, some kind of water purifier, five gallon water box, water storage barrels.

Food – food bars, ready to eat meals (MRE’s), freeze dried backpacking meals, candy, granola bars, trail mix, soup mixes, fruit leather, energy bars, just add water meals, instant breakfasts, etc…

Shelter and Sleeping – tent, ground tarps, solar blankets, tarps.

Clothing Checklist – parka, ponchos, rain gear, cold weather boots, cold weather clothing, woolen socks, hats, gloves, hand and feet hot packs, solar blankets, solar sleeping bag, gas or electric heater, fire starter.

Cooking and Fuel – a smallstove with fuel, a stove that uses Sterno, fire starters, waterproof matches, portable cooking and utensil set, waterless clean up packs.

Lighting – shack flashlights, solar lights, lanterns, candles, LED flashlights, light sticks, extra batteries.

Communications - light sticks, strob light, signal mirror, cell phone, walkie-talkies, ham or CB radio, notebook and pens, road flares, whistle, weather radio, AM/FM radio, solar radio.

Sanitation - antibacterial soap, toothbrush, floss, toothpast, portable toilet, toilet paper, privacy shelter, shovel, towel, washcloth, sanitary wipes, laundry soap and a bucket, hygiene kit for male and female.

Tools and Gear – fishing and hunting gear, ax, hatchet, hammer, prybar, crowbar, shovel, screwdriver set, pliers, crescent wrench, garbage bags, pocketknife, rope, gas shut off wrench, compass, duct tape, wire, leather gloves.

First Aid Kit – bandages, dressing, pain medication, special needs items, burn relief gel, scissors, tweezer, forceps, clamps, antibiotic cream, insect repellent, sun screen, antiseptic wipes, snakebite kit, latex gloves, CPR schield, instant ice packs, heat packs, thermometer, splint, ace bandage, triangular bandage, bee sting medication, a plastic carry box or identifiable carry bag.

Personal Security – stun gun, pepper spray, tazer, gun, personal alarm, home alarm.

Protection Checklist – know how to shut off gas and electricity, fire escape ladder or rope, duct tape and plastic sheathing, smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, fire extinquisher, smoke and gas masks.

Children Needs – diapers, wipes, formula, cereal, pain reliver, bedding, solar blankets, candy.

Money - $100 – $400 in cash, credit cards, calculator, pen, paper, spare house keys and car keys.

Important Documents – family photos, passport, insurance papers, financial portfolio, deeds, titles, wills, account numbers, credit card information, immunization records, fire box, document bag.

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