Having a portable emergency kit is important.

February 26, 2013 @ 4:59 pm posted by

Emergency KitA disaster can strike at any time and without warning and that is why you should carry a portable emergency kit with you, have one in your home, workplace,  school, etc…   Make a plan in advance for your unique situation and the individual supplies that you will need.  Its time well spent; it will give you a comfort feeling; and you’ll be prepared should the need arise. 

 Sometime there is no water and foods or electricity for days and weeks.  Local help usally is not there immediately and your emergency kit will get you through the worst part of the disaster.  I recommend a bucket emergency kit as its a great way to make your emegency kit portable if you need to take your kit with you.   You can also haul water and/or use the bucket as an emergency bathroom.

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