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emergency generatorI agree.  All good stuff.  Many people do not realize or consider the importance of emergency preparaedness or food storage to be a part of their financial plan, but it is.  Being prepared to financially handle whatever life throws at you makes emergency preparedness and aquiring emergency tools a good investment, like life insurance.  I could probable keep my family of 5 fed for about 6 months. I still need to get a emergency backup generator since we live in the country and are on a well, so no power, no water.  I was also glad to see the discussion on keeping some extra cash at home. Imagine a day if there was no natural disaster to be found, but your credit cards don’t work.  That’s why I would say keep a $1,000 of cash on hand just for emergencies.  Finally your emergency plan will be ever evolving as member of your family mature and health conditions change.

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