Radios That Never Quit!

January 13, 2016 @ 5:13 pm posted by

Over the winter, a particularly nasty storm rolled through the area where I live and knocked down several power lines.  It took the construction crews days to get the power back on, and while it was down I was having trouble maintaining my sanity.  I know, it’s the classic tale of the kid who can’t live without their television, video games, and computer, but I don’t live with anyone else so when the lights are out, I have nothing to do.  I was so glad when I remembered the solar radio I had gotten for Christmas a few years back.   The best part was, I just left it outside for a few hours, and then it was charged and didn’t need power for days. Now I’m a little better prepared for future power outages, and I even make sure I have a couple books I haven’t read on hand as well as a solar light nearby!

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