Emergency Shelter and Sleeping

April 1, 2013 @ 1:07 am posted by Sam

There may come a time when you face an emergency or natural disaster and find yourself unable to sleep in your home. These tips for emergency shelter and sleeping are designed to help you prepare and amass the supplies needed in case this eventuality should happen to you and your family. Solar blankets are a must. You will also want to consider air mattresses, pop up canopies, flashlights, and other creature comforts and necessities.

Solar blankets are absolutely an essential part of any emergency shelter and sleeping plan. Solar blankets are aluminized and are handy in many situations. Not only can a solar blanket keep you warm in a pinch, but if you are stranded in your car on a hot day you can use the solar blanket to deflect the sun and keep your car cooler by putting it in the windows that the sun is directly hitting. In cases of extreme cold, a solar blanket can keep you warm by storing your own body temperature. Just wrap yourself up in the silver blanket and let it’s nearly magical properties keep you warm and toasty.

Many of the supplies needed for a good emergency shelter and sleeping plan can be folded up, deflated or otherwise stored to be space efficient. A good idea would be to keep at the very least a solar blanket or two and some flashlights in the trunk of your car or truck. You never know when you may need them and they take up very little room. An air mattress and a pump to inflate it can make the difference between a good night’s sleep or tossing and turning on a hard surface such as the ground or an emergency shelter’s floor.A good point to remember when considering your emergency shelter and sleeping needs is that you cannot anticipate where you will need to seek shelter. It could be that you’ll find yourself out in nature and things like solar blankets and flashlights and rain gear will be especially important. Pop up canopies and deluxe privacy tent rooms are also available. If you find yourself seeking shelter in an emergency shelter after a natural disaster, you will want pillows and blankets and an air mattress or pop up cot for maximum comfort in your time of distress.

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