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April 17, 2012 @ 9:50 am posted by

I’m a nurse.  When you are putting together your first aid kit you should include lots of pain reliever.

Deluxe First Aid Kit

Then add in antibiotic ointments like neosporin, antiseptic wipes, some small splits, lots of band aids, some ace bandages, a triangla bandage, adhesive tape, good sharp scissors, a tweezer, gause rolls, eye wash, insect repellent, and some hot and cold packs, thermometer, and some petroleum jelly.  If you are rendering care to someone you do not know add in rubber gloves and a CPR mouth piece.

CPR Mouth Piece

Basically, purchase a really good trauma/first aid kit and then add in the items that you need in order to personalize it for your family.  Keep everything in a nice sturdy box that is not too heavy to carry.  I actually use the largest fishing tackle I can find and it works quite well.

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