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Building a useful and prepared trauma kit requires attention to detail and forethought. Will you need ice packs and burn cream and splints and pain relievers? How many people do you expect this trauma kit to provide? Luckily, trauma kits and supplies are available in pre-prepared kits. Whether you need a one person, a fifty-four person, or a one hundred person trauma kit, you can get one fully supplied and ready for use. There are even OSHA approved medical kits available that meet all workplace safety standards.

When someone is injured, the type of first response they receive can be the difference between life and death. Loss of blood and infection are just two of the traumas that can befall someone who has been injured and is not tended to correctly. This is just one of the many reasons it is wise to have a well stocked trauma kit and supplies. Being able to properly respond to a workplace injury, in the field injury, or home injury can provide relief from pain and set the victim on their way to proper care and healing. Be prepared to deal with burns and head trauma and you’re ensuring the safety of your family and/or coworkers. From basic first aid kits to deluxe medical emergency kits capable of attending to one thousand people, trauma kits and supplies are out there that meet your specific situation and conditions.

Perhaps you have the need for a portable stretcher. If so, there is one available that folds up in a roll and stores nicely in the case alongside the rest of your medical supplies. Most of us will have no need to perform complicated field surgery in our lifetimes. But being prepared to splint and wrap a sprained ankle or treat a spider bite can save someone’s day, not to mention life. The first step to building your trauma kit and supplies is to assess your needs. Is this going in your home or office? Does your workplace contain heavy machinery or work with tools such as in the construction industry? If so, you’ll need a more heavy duty medical emergency kit than perhaps you’d need in a law office. From a first aid kit for your automobile to a deluxe first aid kit they are available and ready to ship. Check the First Aid Kits and Trauma Kits section of our website for more information.

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