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January 1, 2012

first aid kitWhat is in your first aid kit?  The Red Cross suggests keeping a first aid kit in your home and another in your car.  There are a lot of first aid kits available today.  You probable do not have to buy a first aid kit if you would rather make your own.  Here is my recommended list of items that should cover 90% of basic care.  You can also add items you feel are important.

Bandages & Medical Supplies: Two 4 by 6 absorbent compression dressings, 30 adhesive bandages in assorted sizes, one large roll of cloth tape, an assortment of gause pads, and an assortment of roller bandages, 10 packets of antibotic ointment, 2 packets of hydrocortisone ointment for bee stings and rashes, and aspirin.

Protective Gear: A breathing barrier with a one way valve and some latex gloves.

Additional Supplies: a couple of space blankets, scissors, tweezer, a first aid book, an oral thermometer, and a list of emergency phone numbers.

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