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It’s always good to have a first aid kit available when someone needs it.  You never know when you may run upon someone that has scraped some part of their body, or some other minor incident or accident.

There are some people that just seem to be accident prone and can’t help themselves.  Then you have those that in spite of being careful, end up hurting themselves anyway.  Having a small first aid cabinet can help those who need to take care of a minor injury.  When you are getting a first aid kit together, you should consider what you think you will need for your family.

One thing you will probably need is band-aid strips.  Both plastic and woven ones will do the trick.  The difference is the plastic ones are thinner and the woven ones are slightly thicker.  So, it .may depend on the cut as to which ones you should use.

Or if you have someone that has slightly injured or cut their fingertip or knuckle area, you may want to have some fingertip and knuckle woven band-aid strips.  Since the injury will more than likely be minor, then these can be kept on the area for a few days.

Gauze pads can be used for larger wounds that occur on the arm, knee or leg areas.  Depending on the size of the wound or injury will determine what size gauze pads to use.  Of course, before you put on the pad, you will need to put some antibiotic on the affected area.  The antibiotic will help the affected area to heal.

Sometimes, an unknown substance can get into the eye and cause it to burn.  You will need eye wash to flush it out in addition to water.  This may have to be done several times until the person feels that their eye is ok.  Even after that, it is probably advisable that they see a physician to make sure everything is fine with their eye.

You definitely need to have a first aid book so that you can follow the instructions.  There will be different things in the first aid kit that you may not know what to do with them.  So this book will be able to help you use the right thing for the appropriate injury or minor illness.

Having a small first aid cabinet will come in handy for you and the family members that live with you.  If they are old enough, they too, need to know what’s in the first aid cabinet and should know how to utilize it.

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