What should an Industrial first aid kit possess?

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first aid kitemergency kitImportance of Industrial First Aid Kits:

Anybody who has been an employee or an employer in the industrial sector knows the hazards and threats that loom large in the sector as far as health and security is concerned. Perhaps, the industrial sector is one of the most dangerous work areas. This is why most employers or employees cannot overlook the importance or urgency of an industrial first aid kit. Almost all governments across the world have made it mandatory for first aid kits to be easily available to employees of organizations, irrespective of their size, budget or staff constitution. Having first aid kits and emergency supplies for injuries and other problems at the workplace is also beneficial for the employers. This is because of two reasons:

#1. An injury or accident means loss of manpower and considerable loss in the actual output of the company, i.e. profits!

#2. A lot of workers sue the employer as a party that is responsible indirectly, increasing the chances of the employer to face legal trouble if he does not facilitate the usage or availability of emergency kits or first aid supplies.

Emergency supplies and first aid kits today do not cost a fortune, which gives another reason to invest in them. A first aid kit for a dozen-strong taskforce can cost about $50 while a 50-man staff contingent may require a first aid kit worth $250. With such low amount of investment, one can create a secure environment in a factory and be prepared for freak injuries or accidents. An ideal first aid kit for an industrial sector worker should contain some of the basic contents of a medical emergency kit as well as other important first aid supplies. Gloves, masks, gowns, bandages, tapes, gauze, scissors, ointments, wipes, emergency food supplies and emergency lights, etc. should be present in an industrial first aid kit. A first aid kit should be ideally attached to a wall or within an easily accessible cabinet so that in case of an emergency any worker can locate it without difficulty.  Waterproof and watertight containers or bags should contain the emergency supplies and medical first aid kits. This way, you assure the first aid kit to be sturdy enough for use when an actual emergency occurs. First aid kits are available aplenty online, with the latest supplies and medical first aid kit materials being made available through multiple online dealers at subsidized prices. The price also reduces when bought in bulk, especially, for corporations that have several industrial branches around. Therefore, it is advisable to have an industrial first aid kit at hand while at work – both for the employee as well as for the employer!

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