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When we talk about first aid kit the first thing that comes into our mind is the collection of supplies that are used to give emergency support. A first aid kit differs in its contents depending on the purpose of its use. The more advanced version of a first aid kit used by the emergency responders is called a trauma kit. Trauma kits generally contain advanced emergency support materials such as supplies to control bleeding, breathing barriers for performing CPR and should also contain some medicines.

All kits are assembled in different types of containers depending on whether they are commercially produced or assembled by an individual. The advanced first aid kits often come in durable plastic boxes, thick fabric pouches or even in wall mounted cabinets. Both natural and man made disaster leave physical injury and emotional distress. Some accidents often make us feel guilty when we realize that the disaster could not have been as destructive if the emergency supplies would have been available. This is why first aid kits and trauma kits with complete emergency supplies should be made accessible.

A first aid kit is a means of providing initial care to certain self controlled illness or injuries where advanced medical care may not always be required. The trauma kits on the other hand are more advanced medical kits, also called as trauma bags or a first responder bag. Deciding on what kind of first aid kit would be appropriate for your needs might be confusing. The selection of kits should depend on the purpose of use.

Here’s a list of different types of first aid kits to determine what types would best be used depending on circumstances:

Traditional: commonly available in kit style in the market. These are the best first responders usually kept in home or at work centers. – Unitized First Aid Kits: especially to be carried on boats, in tool boxes, at job sites, buses and swimming pools. The contents kept in this type of box are categorized into first aid and trauma aid elements. Unitized kits are great to be used in messy or wet regions.

Dispensing: these are small cabinet kits mounted on walls. The contents are well packed in special boxes with perforations the top. It usually holds a large number of items compared to most other kits.

First Responder: these are not necessarily meant for medical experts. The content to be kept in these types of kits depends on the intended use of it. The first responder first aid kits are custom made to be carried quickly to the wounded.

Specialized – Custom Kits: first aid kits are often available with various emergency supplies all made to fit a unique situation. First aid kits and trauma kits require efficiency and knowledge about the casualty that may arise and should contain a first aid book or you may need to add one.

Purchasing first aid kits and trauma kits online with emergency preparedness supplies companies is easy nowadays and just a few clicks away.

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