How to Set Up a Hurricane Survival Kit

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Emergency KitsWith the devastating damage that Hurricane Katrina left in its wake 4 years ago, the common citizen is yet to wake up and take charge. Hurricanes can be massive in their effect, with damages in both life and property loss amounting to thousands and millions. Hurricane Katrina itself cost about 2000 lives and over $100 million in property damages. Hence, it is crucial to know exactly how to be prepared to survive a hurricane, as well as get through the aftermath of the same. A good Emergency Kit is the first things to get have while preparing to withstand the force of a hurricane. Disaster medical kits and trauma kits can also come in handy, especially, if you have kids and aged persons to take care of. These kits and emergency preparedness supplies do not cost a fortune (usually $50-$150), but can certainly save you your life, which is priceless, isn’t it?   


  • Pack emergency supplies such as emergency food kits, water, first aid supplies, emergency radio, emergency lights, pet safety products and similar items into a waterproof and easily portable plastic container or bag. 


  •  Place one in the car and one in your personal backpack. Keep the extra kit with your spouse or someone reliable. If none is available, make sure you keep the third kit in a position where it can be easily accessed in case the first kit becomes out of bounds.


  • Make sure that you have stored sufficient amount of water (one gallon per person) and emergency food supplies to last at least a fortnight.


  • Pack some of the vital documents, including identification information, a substantial amount of cash money, telephone numbers, credit card numbers, etc. in a clear, waterproof and tough bag (preferably plastic).  


  • Pack spare clothing and footwear into the survival kit as well. Warm clothes and windcheaters can come in handy. Check whether the sole of the footwear is sturdy, as you might have to walk or run through water or over debris. Flimsy footwear can be useless as well as dangerous.


  • Also include some basic tools into the survival kit, such as a hammer, nails, screwdriver and flashlights.


With such a kit at hand, you will be better prepared to face a natural disaster like a hurricane. And even if you are forced into a situation that requires evacuation or emergency supplies, you have your back covered.


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