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April 4, 2012

Accidents do occur and sometimes when we are least alert. Surviving under such situations often blur the thin line between life and death. It is only after falling in such situations we realize the importance of life but find ourselves helpless to cope with such miseries. This happens due to being less informed about how to handle such emergencies and ignorance in using the adequate emergency supplies when it is highly required. Another important cause behind a disaster becoming worse is that either at that time we so not have access to disaster kits or the disaster supplies appear inadequate.

As in an emergency some medical supplies like antibiotic cream, insect repellent and bandages are essentially required, similarly situations may also appear where the use of emergency lighting and heating materials is equally demanded. A layman whose basic idea about a first aid kit is preparing a first aid box with basic medical supplies, may doubt the forget the need for emergency lighting and heating products in a disaster kit.

Emergency lighting and heating supplies are generally required as an essential item for outdoor first aid kits. Generally people who go for long outdoor excursions need emergency lighting and heating supplies which include emergency lights, solar blankets and solar sleeping bags. There are situations when you need lighting and heating equipments in your disaster kit to brave adverse climactic conditions.

Situations like your house becoming frost laden on cold winter nights or your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere on a windy winter night are the ideal examples when you direly need a lighting or heating solution. Hence, it is good to keep solar heating blankets and bags to fight the cold. Suppose you are in a place where the decreasing temperature is weakening your nerves, the use of solar blankets and solar sleeping bags is highly recommended.

A good solar blanket retains about 90% of body heat. You can feel the warmth by wrapping yourself in a silver solar blanket. Solar blankets can also be used as a cooling medium, but also during sunny days when you are out on a trip. Using the solar blanket you can deflect the sun and keep your vehicle cooler by putting it in the windows directly facing the sun.

Portable water heaters are available and can be useed to quickly heat water. The pumps used in the water heater run on a rechargeable battery. So it is necessary to have a supportive infrastructure to recharge the battery anywhere, anytime. Other emergency heating products available in the market include hand warmers. These are very handy and can easily be kept in the first aid kits. These are only used to provide heat. Though candles are readily available for emergency lighting requirements, they need to be used with great care and only in places with proper ventilation. Therefore high powered flash lights and lanterns are best recommended for emergency use, with the newer solar flashlights and shack flashlights being very popular.

Your emergency lighting and heating products and the emergency supplies you select should be designed for your unique situation and use. Pre-planning is always the key.

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