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For those leading a faster paced life, personal safety and personal security is a serious matter to think upon.  A threatening situation or a criminal act can victimize you or your family members anywhere and anytime, but risks can be reduced by assuming more responsibility for your own security.  Personal safety and security is applicable in almost every aspect of normal life.  There are different forms of personal security including residential security, security while traveling, security measures for children, surveillance and deterring or repulsing an assault.

Residential Security: Let’s begin and cover residential security which is a major cause of concern.  Below is a guideine that should be followed, which includes:

- While you move out, check that all entrances including the service doors and gates are properly closed and have quality locks installed with deadbolts.

- Make sure that while leaving, the front door, rear entrance, service doors, garage doors, gate, patio entrance, entrance to the swimming pool, sliding glass door and the guest house doors are all shut and locked properly.

- Provide an extra key to a close neighbor and try keeping the doors shut even when you are with your family members inside the house.

- If the windows at your home have bars and grills make sure that they have proper fire safety measures. – Try to keep a fire extinguisher on every floor of your house. Having one in the kitchen is essentially required.

- Check the smoke detectors at regular intervals and replace batteries immediately when required.

- Emergency lights or flash lights are frequently available in the market, keep at least two in your home.

- Know your neighbors and try to develop a cordial relation with them.

- While at home practice safety drills and make yourself and other family members aware of the safety measure that can spontaneously be used while in any kind of emergency.

- Last but not the least, always reside in a location that offers the most security.

Establish an emergency preparedness plan and buy a good emergency kits with some extra emergency  supplies:

Selecting the emergency supplies for your emergency kit is a matter of your unique situation. However there are certain essential supplies that should be kept and used. These include:

- Fire extinguisher

- Fresh water

- A 3-day supply of food – Flashlight

- Extra batteries for flashlight and radio

- Bedding

- Sterno stove, fuel

- Candles, matches, flashlight

- Solar radio or shortwave radio

- Medical or first aid kits

- Toilet facilities and supplies

Note that all the above discussed personal safety and security measures are not only applicable at home, but these preventive measures should be followed while you are away from home. In spite of being acquainted with all the above discussed safety measures, you should always be prepared for the unexpected and remain alert during your daily routine and avoiding flirting with danger.

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