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Emergency supplies storageYou’ve put a good deal of time and effort into planning your emergency supplies, tools, evacuation and disaster relief plans. All of that planning will do you no good if do not practive good emergency supplies storage. If your house’s heating system goes out on the coldest night of the year and you can’t find your solar blankets and sleeping bags, then all that pre-planning is wasted. It is absolutely imperative that you mark all of your emergency supplies and make sure they are portable and ready to go for anyone in your household who needs to use them.

The following tips for emergency supplies storage ideas should help you get it all under control. First let’s consider your trauma kits and first aid kits. Hopefully when you purchased them they came with a case or backpack style container to hold all of the various bandages and creams and splints and other supplies. However, if you purchased your medical supplies separately, it is important that you purchase a case to hold them all in one central, easy to find location.

Backpacks and plastic art supply cases are perfect for holding all of your first aid needs. Remember to label your supplies so there is no confusion when they are needed. You may want to consider a heavy duty rubber 55 gallon tote on wheels as the ideal emergency supplies storage ideas. Use backpacks and duffle style roll bags to parcel out supplies by category. Another good idea is use a five gallon bucket with a lid.

First aid supplies, sleeping linens, heat generating equipment and emergency shelter rations should all be separate and labeled and marked. You want to be able to open the lid to a bucket or drum and grab the kit you need for the specific emergency at hand. Purchase the right storage system and this will be easily accomplished. It is frustrating when you need something and cannot find it.

Now let’s drop an emergency like a natural disaster on you and you’re hunting for flashlights in the dark. This is not an ideal scenario, especially when you’ve spent so much time and effort planning out your emergency supplies. Take a little bit more time for planning your emergency supplies storage ideas and when it comes time to use those supplies, they’ll be easy to find, readily available and you will breathe a huge sigh of relief. Being prepared, and ready for all types of emergencies, is always the best situation.

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