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April 28, 2012

I live by a hazardous waste disposal plant.  It recently caught fiew and we had to evacuate.   Fortunately my family was too far away to be in any danger from the fire and the pollutants. However, I do know people who were evacuated from their homes as a result of the chemical fire. Below are four things you should do to prepare for this type of emergency.

#1.  Call your local government office to find out if there are chemical plants and hazardous waste facilities near your home.  If you at a very high risk of a disaster you may consider purchasing gas masks or smoke masks for your family.

#2.  You should prepare an emergency evacuation plan with the members of your family and prepare to meet out of the area with your basic emergency kit and cash.

#3.  You should be aware of your surrounding.  In this casepeople were asked to go door to door by the Police and turn off all air conditioners to limit the exposure to the chemicals in the smoke.  You will want to know which way the wind is blowing and drive away from the smoke to a safe meeting place.

#4. When you are allowed to go back to your home you most likely will be given specific cleaning instruction.  You may consider having an expert test your home for chemicals as some building may not reopen due to dangerous chemical levels.

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